Greetings and a Warm welcome to the website of Navdeep Group

Navdeep Group is one of the most respectable names in the chemical industry and has been serving since 1987. In the year 2007 the group diversified into many other industrial products such as various hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, raw paper and paper processing machineries, Fly ash, Polymer granules etc. The group is committed to constantly delivering good returns to its customers and suppliers, converting partnerships into winning combination.

Group consisting of (i) Navdeep Enterprise and (ii) Navdeep Trradex these are the flag ship companies of Navdeep Group

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Group's Vision

  • Is to be entrepreneurially driven entrtprise.
  • Thinking, innovatively in all aspects of the business, from technological to commercial.
  • To be intensely competitive in whatever we do, by constantly enhancing the benchmarks set by us."

Group's Mission

  • "To incorporate knowledge, develop capabilities and manage collective enterprise to strategically tap overall business advantages for the benefit of stakeholders."


Our Group has three values which drive the company to have

  • Trust - We will deliver to all our promises - our word is our bond.
  • Quality - We will deliver a quality product to our customer with a competitive price.
  • Update - We are organized to keep our suppliers and customers well informed about the product and what is best.